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Vegan Cheese Lovers Club came into existence in December 2014 as a Facebook group and is run by Andrea and Nick. It was created by Andrea, who has been vegan since 1997, as she thought there must be others out there who really miss cheese. Andrea was absolutely right and the group began gaining members at a fast rate from day one. Group members share discoveries, ask and answer questions and eat vegan cheese!

Andrea started making vegan cheese inspired by chefs, such as Skye Michael Conroy using recipes from his Non Dairy Evolution Cookbook. Friends who tried them, loved them and wanted to either make some themselves or have the opportunity to try or buy more tasty vegan cheese. Andrea now experiments with her own flavour combinations and recipes and one of her most popular varieties is a breakfast cheese which tastes great toasted on muffins. Our first Vegan Cheese Fest was held in our home town of Rugby in April 2015 and the event was a great success. We showcased over 10 artisan vegan cheeses as well as dishes containing cheeses and gave a demonstration of cheese making. Suddenly we were being asked to do more similar events.  Unfortunately, we no longer offer these Vegan Cheese Fests.

Vegan Cheese Lovers Club is a family affair. Andrea does the making and experimenting; Nick does the IT and marketing; and Aimear is in charge of washing up and waitressing! We are also helped by some fantastic friends who love cheese as much as we do. Iulia (photo above) is an inspiration when it comes to flavours, textures and finished dishes. Since getting to know her, most of our conversations have revolved around cheese and food in general! Christina helps us at events and is an enthusiastic vegan cheese taster! We also have a small group who are our ‘blind’ tasters to test out new varieties and flavours.

It is wonderful that high-quality vegan cheese is now becoming a reality for everyone. Hopefully, it will help all those people ‘who can’t give up cheese’ to consider a vegan lifestyle and not miss out on their beloved cheese obsession.  It is always satisfying to have non-vegans try our home-made vegan cheese and seeing their surprise at how good it tastes is great. Where our calendar allows, we now aim to have 1 Vegan Cheese Fest event of some description each month. At the Rugby Food and Drink Festival last year we even had someone buy our samples plate so they could have it for their lunch!!

They’re definitely worth travelling to!

We run a Facebook page so why not pop along and join us on there, too, where people throughout the world share ideas, creations and tips for making vegan cheese

All the best,

Nick & Andrea

Making rejuvelac Muenster-style cheese on crispbreads A selection of home-made vegan cheeses Lots of people learning about - and sampling - homemade vegan cheese Iulia explaining a cheese-making process One of the lucky raffle winners with their prize! Vegan cheese selection Mozzarella-style vegan cheese
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